Thursday, 1 May 2014

Visit the International Swimming Hall of Fame Ft Lauderdale Florida USA .... post 53

Induction into The International Swimming Hall of Fame ( )  requires an individual contribution which reflects the true nature, skills and ability of an inductee. The museum records the history and value of each individual’s contribution to the water discipline participated in or with

A naive South African Swimming Teacher sightseeing by cycling along the festive beach front promenade of Ft. Lauderdale. A tiny sign marks the direction of the ISHOF. Ignorance, inquisitive, a sense of adventure steered me to the left passed a building on which were displayed larger than life images of

Esther Williams ( ) ,
Johnny Weissmuller (  and

Duke Kahanamoku  (

I was so excited, I knew who they were. I saw all of Esther Williams’ movies. Synchronised Swimming was originally known as ‘water ballet’. A ‘pipe dream’ to a teenage South African who grew up in the heart of the ‘bushveld’

Handsome wild man of the original ‘Tarzan’ movies, Johnny Weissmuller could swim across raging rivers

I was a late starter yet in the mix from the late 70’s in the surf culture. We all knew and marvelled at the surfing skills of ‘The Duke’ on the famous waves in Hawaii  

As I stop to look at the tile inlay at the entrance to the International Swimming Hall of Fame a wonderful feeling of peace flows through my entire being. My throat chokes up. My eyes well up with tears of an unexplained emotion. I sense that I am entering a field of vibration which touches every positive part of my senses. On entry into the reception I am welcomed with such warmth and friendliness. My Cape Town speaking accent is recognised. An enquiry as to whether I am associated with swimming in any way. Wished a pleasant tour ....

To experience a visit to The Swimming International Hall of Fame can only be described in the true meaning of the word .... awesome!