Wednesday 30 October 2013

About what water is and using her .... post 3

Most of our interaction will be about the skills that we learn in various movements in water. It is 'movement' that is needed in water to swim in any direction be it forward, backwards, sideways, downwards, upwards. So smart to be able to move in so many directions in one medium don't you think! We can all learn these skills

Before we get too far ahead we should learn to 'connect' with our chosen medium. This is the best way I can explain her to you .....

A universal yet considered a classical element, feminine in nature, Water is associated with qualities of creativity, emotion, intuition, nurturing life-giving qualities, causing individual differences in physical and behavioural traits

Flowing over us from head to toe water cleanses our ‘auric field’. Her healing qualities influence us physically, emotionally and spiritually. This is her rhythm and her power

Liquid in state she flows, yields and adapts to our shape stimulating sensory experience

Her rhythm pertains to flow with regular or irregular (uniform or patterned) recurring action or function of movement

When we enter water she welcomes us. We feel a sense of well being by the sensation of weightlessness, the total freedom of movement we experience
This is Harmony!

Using our senses, tuning into the ‘feel’ of water, we realise how to use her power and our intrinsic power to achieve the desired effect we want to experience when swimming

She re-acts to your action!

Babies and toddlers (pre the development of conscious fear) love water with uninhibited expression while human development creates inhibition and conscious thought. Our connection with water will become conscious when we understand her. As you 'think' about teaching or learning each new skill you will learn to understand water and connect with her

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