Sunday, 24 November 2013

Trust .... lead by example .... post 15

Trust .... a life skill. Be it, share it, lead by example. Creating trust teaches trust

Trust is a quality, a value we set as a standard when teaching. Learning from a trustworthy person or source means we need not have any fears or disappointments of the new swimming skills we are learning in this, what we know to be dangerous environment that we know we cannot manage ourselves in, especially when it is a large body of water

To lead by example to create a basis for trust is done in simple ways. Direct eye contact, speak audibly, simple instructions, one instruction at a time, set short term goals for short term achievements, praise when a skill is attempted or achieved. Those little orientation skills when entering a pool, sitting, the 'crocodile walk', walking on the steps. At each session repeat and practice skills learned at the previous session 

During group participation treat each person equally regardless of their ability or age. Give each person equal attention. If one of us is a little slow to understand or catch up, have everyone repeat skills. That tiny bit of time given with care ensures that we are all equal is so valuable to those of us who struggle at times

Speak softly, gently, encouragingly. A supportive voice, kind words, praise, builds trust, motivates us to achieve. Learned trust has the most amazing effect on us. We learn self esteem and self confidence. These life skills teach us to share these qualities in our lives, with others

Never ever say 'I'll catch you' then step back. That is a promise broken. A lie. Trust broken. Once trust is broken it is gone forever. Essentially, creating trust is about your own personal honour and integrity

When teaching swimming, when in and around any water environment as a competent swimmer safest is to trust only your teacher or yourself ....

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