Friday 6 December 2013

Swimming Guidance learn/teach skills Module 2 Paddling Pool/Bath .... post 21

We can learn to swim in any ‘body of water’.  Learning/teaching is easier in warm water for all ages, for athletes who go back to basics to correct swimming faults

 In a paddling pool or familiarity of the warm bath water swimming skills are learned in a fun way. We can hear each other. The most important skills like pouring water over the head and face, blowing bubbles, kicking, lying on the back, the ‘crocodile walk’ can be learned by repeating them regularly, consistently. Confidence is developed. We realise our ability which stimulates us to become more adventurous in learning the progressive skills like kicking and blowing bubbles at the same time.

Without feeling embarrassed adults can learn the most valuable water skills, learn to blow bubbles, practice getting used to putting the face into the water, experience the sensation of back floating. Take the time to think about and understand the basic skills required to learn to swim and their purpose in swimming strokes ....



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