Wednesday 18 December 2013

Swimming Guidance learn/teach skills Module 5 Hand Holding Technique Underwater / Walking / Hopping on the different Step levels .... post 26

Always learn/teach new skills in the safest, shallowest part of water or a swimming pool. Each new skill brings fears, insecurities. Orientation is an on going experience with each new adjustment to a new and different state of being. We encourage, stimulate, motivate and praise the attempts and achievements of new skills

To know each and every part of our newly discovered learning and play area we must physically be in it, feel it, become familiar with it, know through feel and sight what and where shallow and deep is. The floating of our body in various water depths teaches us how to manage ourselves. We develop focus, concentration, senses of caution and achievement  

Our feet feel where to and how to stand firmly. We learn to use our hands to touch and hold onto the immovable steps or side of a swimming pool. We never presume that everyone will hold onto the side. Through our own ability we realise our own personal achievement
We re-visit the ‘hand holding technique’ which is used to support by merely using hands so that the hands and wrists, arms and shoulders learn to use the joints (levers) of the body. Both of us can pull or push away from or towards each other, whichever is necessary for a specific skill
It is easier to walk in shallow water, progress to deeper water. Walking in water teaches us to push against the resistance that we feel as we walk against it. We learn to use our bodies, strengthen muscles and learn balance and how to recover from over-balancing
Watching our feet we learn to focus on skills, feel the water on the body. ‘Thinking’, we learn to understand our newly learned skills. We are motivated to be adventurous to try challenging progressions
Our ‘safe area’ where we can manage ourselves independent of physical support gives us the assurance of feeling safe in water ....  



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