Tuesday 11 February 2014

Swimming Guidance learn/teach skills Module 10 of 16 to pick up toys swim back to the step 43

We have reached an advanced level of swimming skills

We have confidence in water, in ourselves. Each new challenge that is given to us to combine the individual skills we have learned gives us greater skill ability for our ‘goal’, that of learning to swim

Swimming Guidance learn/teach skills Module 9 of 16 to pick up toys with the face in the water, is for us the second most challenging skill, yet the most rewarding of all. Using all the skills that we have learned like listening, visualisation, regular repetitive practices of ‘big breaths’ and ‘blowing bubbles’ with our face in the water with our eyes open, lots and lots of kicking to strengthen the muscles of the body has prepared us for the next progression which is to pick up toys then kick to swim back to the step with our face in the water

We have been continuously learning/teaching skills in the same familiar area and water levels since the first time we climbed into the swimming pool, so there is no reason for us to fear attempting advanced or progressive swimming skills in our ‘safe area’

We have been encouraged to attempt new skills which we have practiced continually with and without support of the ‘hand holding technique’

©     We always count rhythmically to prepare to take a big breath in through the mouth before going under water

©     When we ‘blow bubbles’ we always blow ‘moo’ bubbles out of the mouth until we learn to hold our breath when putting the face or head under the water

©     The purpose of dropping a toy into the water which sinks slowly is to ensure that our eyes are open to see to catch the toy. We develop concentration, focus, eye-hand co-ordination and it is a fun skill!

©     The toy which is out of our depth requires that we dive down against the resistance of the water then turn so that the propulsion of our kick takes us back to our familiar safe area  

We have a wonderful relationship of trust, of independence of our ability in water. Best of all is the ‘freedom of spirit’ which is developing within each of us ....


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