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SWIMMING GUIDANCE learn/teach skills Module 11 of 16 supported kicking in the pool/hand supported kicking & blowing bubbles/ learn to kick on the back 47


We progress to orientate, learn/teach, co-ordinate in the open swimming pool away from our ‘safe area’ on the step. We will use and practice the breathing and bubble blowing skills, face in the water, kicking that we learned

The relationship of trust that we developed makes this next step a simple progression  post 15         

We support the body by wrapping arms around our neck, our elbows gently support to stabilise the hips, our hands firmly support the knees to simulate the upbeat and the downbeat of kicking without strain on the legs and joints which push against the resistance of the water  post 37  post 38

We cannot ‘see’ our kicking. We stimulate big splashy kicks by lifting the legs high and push the legs down deeply into the water to feel the kicking action. Kick with the legs close together

We learned to ‘visualise’ what kicking looks like with repeated practices while sitting on the step. The clear verbal explanation is familiar and understood  post 23

As we walk backwards in a circle, to the pupil it appears the propulsion of their continuous rhythmic kicking creates forward movement. Continue this routine for at least five minutes

We talk quietly, rhythmically saying ‘kick and up and down and up and down’. We are creating feelings and sensations and actions. The body is being supported to lie horizontally in the water. Legs only are being used for kicking while the hands and arms learn to ‘hold on’ gently, without fear or panic

As confidence is gained explain that ‘we will hold hands while kicking’. Transfer to using the ‘hand holding technique’. If it is necessary to encourage a sense of security support the shoulders by extending one or two fingers on each hand from the position of the ‘hand holding technique’

The legs which are no longer supported will begin to drop down in the water. The many kicking practices will automatically start the legs kicking to lift the body up to the surface of the water into the horizontal position which ‘feels’ safe and familiar. Again motivate that legs be lifted high up above the water to kick back down to make big splashy kicks. This practice ensures that the kick is always at the surface of the water where it lifts the body up to the surface of the water

After a few minutes explain that you will let go of the shoulders so that ‘the hands only are being held’. Though the elbows are bent always keep the hands shoulder width apart. This position is correct for use of the correct muscles, for the straight line of the arms to reach and stretch forward for all future water and swimming skills learned. Another of the many skills we teach that is not ‘the obvious

From the position of either supporting the shoulders or not we can motivate, exactly as we have many times over whilst learning/teaching/practicing in the ‘safe area’, the ‘bubble blowing’ routine

The ‘hand holding technique’ in its feel of familiarity and trust is the pivot on which we learn/teach to turn onto the back. Both hands adjust slightly to accommodate the change in body position from front to back to re-adjust when turning back onto the tummy. We experienced the ‘hand adjustment’ when learning to pick up toys on the step and when diving down to pick up toys then swimming back to the step



Gently, quietly explain that we are going to attempt a new skill. Count rhythmically ‘and one and two and three’, slowly roll the body over, support the shoulders under the water with the crossed over arm

Kicking has been continuous throughout the roll. Continue kicking practices for a while on the back so that this progressive skill becomes familiar. Count rhythmically ‘and one and two and three’ slowly roll the body over onto the tummy. We are learning without ‘teaching the obvious’ to roll in the water


©     The head is up. ‘Take a big breath’ before rolling onto the back. Breathe out. ‘Take a big breath’ then roll onto the tummy. Blow bubbles into the water

©     ‘Take a big breath’. Put the face in the water, blow bubbles, roll onto the back, take a big breath

©     While on the back, ‘take a big breath’, roll onto the tummy, ‘blow bubbles’ then lift the head up to take a breath


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