Thursday, 21 November 2013

Swimming aids .... post 14

So many different types of swimming aids. Most are attached to a body whether it be the arms, the torso, a tube for the waist or an object/s to hold onto. What is their purpose? Can we manage ourselves in deep water? When do we remove them to swim freely? When do we no longer need the 'crutch' to support us. Are the swimming aids only safe in a small water area or are they safe in open water. Can the wind blow us out into open water, a dam, lake, river, the ocean. If so, can we manage the panic we feel the imminent disaster? From what age can we use swimming aids? There are many more questions . This sounds too complicated. Too many fears and responsibilities, so let us simplify this process ....

The use of swimming aids reflects the lack of taking responsibility for a child in water. We do not learn to think for ourselves. We have a false confidence of our ability. We put ourselves in danger. Swimming aids which control a child, arms, torso, waist, place their body into extension causing the head and neck to constantly strain against putting their faces into the water are cruel. We cannot feel the discomfort, the child can. The body position which should be horizontal to stimulate a proper, correct kicking action will be incorrect too, mostly forever

Swimming aids which are hand held teach the action and skill of holding onto which action exercises and develops hands, wrists, arms, shoulders, joints, most of the body. We learn many other skills. Our self confidence develops, safety, thinking of our limits in water, consciously assessing and taking on new challenges. We can make a choice for ourselves when to let go of a 'crutch' to swim freely. Realise our own achievement ....

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